What defines us is not how different we are, but how we are unique.

Our approach to business is as individual and personal as each of our customer’s businesses are totally unique.  

We are very experienced in advising a wide and diverse range of businesses and we tailor our service delivery to meet your needs.  Our aim is to build excellent business relationships, anticipate our client’s needs and assist them by proactively delivering valuable solutions that make a difference.

It’s a lonely job at the top.  We are always read to give advice, support and counsel in those crucial moments when, as a business owner, you need help the most.

Our View of the World

Although we are, and we are known, as Chartered Accountants and we do prepare Financial Statements and Tax Returns for the majority of our clients, a large part of our business is helping you make better business decisions to help improve the growth and prosperity of your business.  

We have the experience, we have the expertise and we welcome close, personal and trusting relationships.  

Our professional team is always focussed on our client’s needs, YOUR NEEDS, so please give us a call and find out how we can help you.



Our passion
for art

TBAG Art Collection

Nigel and Carol have been collecting artworks by contemporary New Zealand artists over a long period of time and they are pleased to display part of their collection at the TBAG offices.  Due in part to their passion of collecting NZ artworks, TBAG has launched the inaugural TBAG Art  Awards in conjunction with Southern Cross Campus.

Featured throughout our website are examples of Nigel and Carol’s art collection which includes many notable NZ artists.  When you are next in the TBAG offices, make sure you keep an eye out for the latest addition to the collection!  

TBAG are Chartered Accountants and strategic business advisors

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Southern Cross Campus Art Awards


All of us here at TBAG are very pleased to announce the winners of the inaugural Southern Cross Campus School Art Awards.